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The Compassionate One


The Compassionate One - the Female Divine  -  the Holy Spirit - as refered to by Jesus, was deliberately confused by the Christian Elders!

 So we became lost!

The Great Goddess of Europe, with Her Temple as one of the seven Wonders of the World, was destroyed !

Mary the mother of Jesus took Her titles.

The Holy Spirit was referred to as male ! The Patriarchy under Paul had won!














The Compassionate One                                                   Icon of the Virgin Mary

From an ivory statue

6th century BC Syria


Jesus had wanted us to worship the Father God  El and the Mother Goddess - the Holy Spirit .

 When the first followers fled Jerusalem, and Jesus’ uncle Joseph of Arimathaea taught Jesus’ beliefs in Glastonbury, it fitted so exactly with the beliefs of the  Britons – that they immediately claimed that their Mother Goddess Brigit was the 'Holy Spirit' of Jesus and had been the Midwife at Jesus’ birth.

 Whilst interestingly - ‘El’ in Welsh means the - ‘the Shining Ones’.

The Celtic Druids studied  the Greek language and the Greeks had been in control in Palestine previous to the Romans. Jesus and His relatives would know of the Greeks religious opinions.

 The Great God El and the Holy Spirit!


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