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They do say, the Wise Ones, That all eternity, is contained in the white waved lines ‘tween the sea shore and the sea.’

This beautiful poem by Frances Grant, is letterpress printed as an A6 poetry card, and also available under the title EPONA as a small booklet 110 x75 mm.                

                                                                   THE WHITE HORSE.    £3

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 ‘pink thrift and baby birds’


An evocative midsummer celebrationary poetry pamphlet by Frances Grant.

 Hand printed . Limited edition of only 15 copies.

103 mm x 148 mm


                                      SLIPPING BETWEEN THE ELEMENTS  £ 8

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Jesus sent His Apostles to all parts of the known world, and Thomas was sent by Jesus to India. At first he was reluctant to go, but eventually agreed. But he took with him the beliefs of Jesus and His family - beliefs which included the concept of a female/male deity.

This thought-provoking laser printed booklet is hand-sewn into a   letter-press printed cover and thermo-graphically enhanced.

A6 format. Open edition.                 THOMAS AND JESUS.     £6.50

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‘Wisdom is radiant and unfading.’

Extracts from this Apocryphal book of the Bible which describe the attributes of Sophia Goddess of Wisdom, ‘opening the door to eternal life, and thereby the attainment of happiness’. Originally written in Greek about 110BC, these extracts are letterpress printed in red and black with page decorations silkscreened in a third colour.        

It is hand-sewn and bound in white Ecorel leathercloth, this book is in a limited edition of only 29. Size 250 x 155 mm.                        

                                                  WISDOM OF SOLOMON.       £20

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‘A Virtuous woman who can find? For her price is far beyond rubies.’

From Proverbs Chapter 31. Letterpress printed. A6 format.     

                                                         FAR BEYOND RUBIES.     £6.50

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These three books are taken from ancient texts found at Nag-Hamaddi in Egypt in 1945

 ‘I am the first and the last, the honoured one and the scorned one.’

Also known as “Perfect Mind” this is a Gnostic text similar to Proverbs where the Divine Mother is speaking as the Goddess Wisdom.

A miniature book measuring 57 x73 mm.

Letterpress printed in red and black, marbled endpapers.

Limited edition of 50 copies.

                                                                            THUNDER.         £11

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 ‘I am the thought that dwells in the light, the movement that dwells in the All.’

Also called “Protennoia” this is one of thirteen papyrus scrolls found in Nag-Hamaddi in 1945. The poem is spoken in the voice of a female deity.

The text pages are assembled so that they “pop-out” as the pages are turned.

Bound in pink suede-effect book cloth.

Size 120 x 120 mm. Letterpress printed in two colours.

Limited edition of 50

                                                                 FIRST THOUGHT.      £15

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   'I am the Thought that dwells in the Light'

 Also known as Protennoia, the First Thought is one of thirteen papyrus books found in a jar in a cave near Nag Hammadi in Egypt in 1945.

It is a poem spoken in the voice of a female Divinity.

Edition of 50 copies Letterpress Printed in two colours.

Size 75 mm x 58 mm

Marbled card covers.                              FIRST THOUGHT.      £8

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‘There is a new understanding about the real meaning of Christianity, and many books have been published about the New Theology.’


With over one hundred line illustrations, this 275 page book is digitally printed and perfect bound in a square 210 mm format. The cover also features a colour picture of The Earth Goddess, or Lady Wisdom.

Lady Wisdom – the Lady of the Doves – was the Goddess believed in by the family of Jesus and Jesus’ followers. They also believed in the Father God El, rather than the God Yahweh, and this book attempts to tell the whole story.

Independent scholar Frances J. Grant has spent several years researching, writing and illustrating this beautifully produced book.

                      THE HOLY SPIRIT - LADY OF THE DOVES.        £45

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Some readers’ comments-


“I do find Frances writing quite a breakthrough at the deep level”

Julian Watson, Gallery owner.


“I've just read your book - it's fantastic! Most fascinating, quite academic, and very rev-ealing!”  Brenda Green, Author and poet.



 ‘Quelle’. The Hidden Gospel

It had been noticed for hundreds of years that there were numerous parallel passages in the Gospels of St. Matthew, St. Mark and St. Luke, but it required the tenacity of Canon B.H. Streeter almost 100 years ago to extract the verses concerned and to re-establish that St. Matthew and St. Luke used St. Mark's Gospel plus an original text available at the time.

Streeter referred to this original document as "Q".  "Q" being a shortened form of "Quelle", meaning 'the source' in German.

It is important to remember that many thousands of Jewish people were on Jesus' side of the arguement. The arguement, which clearly appears in "Q", was with the Jewish authorities.

As these first writings were in use throughout the Roman Empire for at least the first thirty years after the death of Jesus, many of the congregation listening to "Q" would have been 'living witnesses' to Jesus Himself. So these writings are likely to be extremely accurate.

These words were thought to be of such importance by St. Matthew and St. Luke that they obviously felt compelled to hide these words until someone like Streeter would realise their truths.

Digitally printed 61 page booklet with commentary and illustrations by F.J.Grant.

Open edition.                   ‘QUELLE’. (THE HIDDEN GOSPEL)  £12

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The Compassionate One


The Compassionate One - the Female Divine  -  the Holy Spirit - as refered to by Jesus, was deliberately confused by the Christian Elders!

 So we became lost!

The Great Goddess of Europe, with Her Temple as one of the seven Wonders of the World, was destroyed !

Mary the mother of Jesus took Her titles.

The Holy Spirit was referred to as male ! The Patriarchy under Paul had won!














The Compassionate One                                                   Icon of the Virgin Mary

From an ivory statue

6th century BC Syria


Jesus had wanted us to worship the Father God  El and the Mother Goddess - the Holy Spirit .

 When the first followers fled Jerusalem, and Jesus’ uncle Joseph of Arimathaea taught Jesus’ beliefs in Glastonbury, it fitted so exactly with the beliefs of the  Britons – that they immediately claimed that their Mother Goddess Brigit was the 'Holy Spirit' of Jesus and had been the Midwife at Jesus’ birth.

 Whilst interestingly - ‘El’ in Welsh means the - ‘the Shining Ones’.

The Celtic Druids studied  the Greek language and the Greeks had been in control in Palestine previous to the Romans. Jesus and His relatives would know of the Greeks religious opinions.

 The Great God El and the Holy Spirit!


We make hand printed books to increase people’s understanding of the Early Celtic Church at Glastonbury.






















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